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Intro to Wilderness Living


Course dates

New dates will be released during the summer


Course length

2.5 days

Course location

The Longhill Homestead

Ängesträsk 308

Niemisel 955 95



Arrive and depart from Luleå airport, train, or bus station


maximum: 6 people

minimum: 2 people 


2000 SEK


18 years or older

If you are interested please contact us via email or fill in the form on our contact page. 

Being able to manage yourself in the outdoors is a useful skill, but most of us only learn these skills in summer settings.  This course is designed to give you useful skills for keeping yourself safe in winter environments. Gain the skills to experience the Arctic with confidence. 

Course activities include:

  • Navigation 

  • Fire making

  • Knife handling

  • Cold weather considerations

Course Details

Course Details

(order of activities and activity specifics are subject to change due to weather or scheduling)

The course starts at 9.00 on Day 1, please organize your travel accordingly.  (Accommodation and food for one extra night beforehand is no extra cost.)

Day 1:

  • Get to know your gear.  There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!  How you dress for winter conditions is key. Learn about layering, dressing for different activities, what to pack, and wear to pack it.  

  • Snowshoes are designed to distribute your weight over a larger surface area, allowing you to ‘float’ on top of the soft snow. With this ancient footwear, you are not restricted to preexisting winter trails where the snow is pressed and easy to walk on.  

  • While we’re out on the snowshoes, we’ll take the opportunity to get to know our tools; knives, axes, and fire-making skills are crucial in the wilderness.

  • The tradition of the sauna is rooted deep into the culture of the north, and it’s the best way to wash! Sweat out all the dirt from your body and relax all of your tired muscles.  Our homestead is true to the Scandinavian way, wood-fired sauna and no shower (at least not a traditional one).

Day 2:

  • Navigation is key.  Simply knowing where you are in relation to a base camp or home, is crucial for safety as well as confidence.  Learn the principles of navigation, and apply them in the field.

  • Finding your way may or may not come naturally to you.  We'll help you hone your skills and make navigation part of your outdoor skills toolbox.

Day 3:

  • After the last two days, you will have built up some useful skills, time to put them into practice. 

  • With your instructor by your side, guide yourself through the forest and find a fixed location.

  • Once you have arrived, use your skills to prepare a fire for lunch.

For those staying on for the dog mushing tour, extra food and accommodation are at no extra cost.

Day 4 (optional add-on):

  • For those that have signed on for the optional extra day, we will have a full-day of adventure in the Boreal Forest.  Get a feeling of what dog mushing is all about; enjoying your time with the dogs in beautiful nature. We'll find a suitable spot to cook up some homemade lunch and let the dogs rest before we start to head back to the kennel.

  • You will share a sled and take turns driving with one of the other course participants.


What’s included in the course:


  • Insulated bibs (aka salopettes)

  • Insulated jacket

  • Balaclava 

  • Insulated hat

  • Extra-large insulated mittens 

  • Boots


Other equipment:

  • Snowshoes

  • Knife and fire steel


**There is a 500 SEK deposit required for the use of our equipment.**


Accommodation: Just 20 meters from the main house on the homestead lies our guest cabin.  It is there that you will rest your head after a hard day’s work. It has electricity, wifi, and drinking water available.  The toilet is located in the main house. While there is no shower on our property, we do have a wood-fired sauna. It is the traditional way to bathe in Scandinavia, and you’ll never feel cleaner.  If you’re not a fan of saunas, don’t fret. While it’s warming up, it’s a comfortable place to bathe before it’s too hot.


Food:  All of the meals will be provided for you.  The activities of food preparation and cooking will be spent as a group.  Some of our meals include; wild game and potatoes, homemade soup, sandwiches on home-baked bread, and eggs from our chickens.  If you have dietary requirements please let us know so we can accommodate you.  


Transportation: We will provide transportation to and from Luleå airport, train, or bus station.


Packing List:

Follow the links for our recommendations which are available for pre-order.


  • Personal items (toiletries, underwear, necessary medication)

  • Clothing

    • Base layers top and bottom (wool or synthetic)

    • Mid-layers top and bottom (wool or synthetic; ex: fleece sweater and pants)

    • Insulated mid-layers  top and bottom (thin puff jacket or thick wool sweater, insulated pants or thick wool or fleece pants)

    • Socks two thinner pair and two thicker pair (be sure that they’re not too tight, wool is highly recommended)

    • Liner gloves (thin gloves to wear inside mittens)

    • Insulated work gloves (if you want to wear liner gloves inside these, buy one size bigger)

    • Personal headlight (for use at camp)


Are you Interested?


If you are interested please email us at with the subject line ‘wilderness course.’ Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form found at our website.  We want to ensure that you are prepared and know what to expect for this course. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding the course, our homestead, or our dogs.


Requirements of Students


Because there will be a lot of physical activity, you must have good balance and reasonable strength in your arms.  A good reference for your arm strength is the ability to lift a 10-liter (5-gallon) bucket of water.


You must be 18 years or older to join this course.


Prior to arrival: You must have proof of travel insurance, for example, World Nomads or proof that your health insurance will cover the activities of the course. You will also be required to sign our agreement acknowledging the risks.


We require a deposit of 20% of the course cost to secure a place.  This deposit is fully refundable up to 2 months before the course start date.  After that date, it is not refundable. The balance of the payment is due 2 weeks prior to arrival, and is not refundable.


Northern Soul Journeys with Kinnunen Levy Adventures AB is a fully reputable and insured outdoor and adventure company. 

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