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Dogmusher For A Day

Do you want to have the full immersion experience together with us and our dogs? Then you should join this more educational full-day tour where we dive deep into the world of dogmushing. We'll talk more about the gear we use, how we think around training and handling dogs, special considerations depending on tour etc. You'll leave with a head full of knowledge, experience, and impressions.

Tour length: 

6 hour

Driving options:

Only self-driving. You'll drive your own team without any passenger so you'll really feel the power of the dogs. 

Included in tour:

A warm meal cooked over an open fire out in the woods.

All of our tours include outerwear (boots, pants, jacket, hat, and mittens)

Time for cuddling the dogs

dog mushing brochure.jpg

PRICE: 4200 SEK/person

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