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The Woodland Journey

A full-day adventure in the Boreal Forest. Together with our dogs, we'll travel over ice-covered lakes, through snowy forests and frozen mires. You'll get a good feeling of what dog mushing is all about, which is enjoying your time with the dogs in beautiful nature. We'll find a suitable spot to cook up some homemade lunch and let the dogs rest before we start to head back to the kennel where cuddles await.

Tour length: 

5 - 6 hours

Driving options:

Self-drive. Meaning that you and your friend/partner take turns driving. One sits in the sled while the other one drives. We'll stop and make sure you get a chance to change. 

Included in tour:

A warm meal cooked over an open fire in the woods

All of our tours include outerwear (boots, pants, jacket, hat, and mittens)

Time for cuddling the dogs


PRICE: 3700 SEK/person

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