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Welcome To a New Journey

Hey folks,

We are starting another "blog", or Journal as we're calling it. It's going to be a creative outlet with both small entries and longer articles. Stories from the trails, about the dogs, about the garden, the homestead and all other things that play a part in our lives.

"Why a blog, you already have a Youtube channel, Instagram page and Facebook page?"

We are both creative souls and writing has been a part of what we've been doing before and it's a fantastic outlet to share different stories, photos and thoughts that might be hard to translate to a Youtube video or Instagram post.

Whenever you find yourself reading our Journal, sit back, grab something to drink and enjoy.

Photo by Nattesferd, Niklas Söderlund

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1 Comment

Apr 15, 2021

Love it! Creative outlets FTW ;) //Nicole ( @raxeira_huskies)

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